Windows Switcher Brainteaser

Easier to say than to do - light up all windows at the same time!
The tricky moment is that any window is changes along with the adjacent ones.

If you are bright and determined, this game is the right one for you.
4 levels:
- 3x3 windows - it is unfair to call this level "easy" as it is definitely not;
- MEDIUM - 6x6 windows - the best one to find the system;
- HARD - 9x9 windows - once you have developed the system, this will just take you longer to complete.
- IMPOSSIBLE - just a skyscrapper. Our favourite level, though, as it's the best way to increase the self-esteem instantly 'cause only really bright guys are able to win here.

This app is universal (runs both on iPhone and iPad).

We would not recommend to gift this app if we had not included some magic to it.
The magic will show you the windows to tap to win - and that is EASY!

source: separate images from some file