123 Count With Me!

"...One of the best learning to count apps..." (appreciation.com)

It is fun to learn numbers with our counting puzzles - click! - to watch funny animations like apples falling down, balloons flying away once the puzzle is done - and there is always a next one!

+ The ease-of-use (drag & drop along with simple interface) makes the app suitable even for tiny tots;
+ One-to-one correspondence helps little ones pick up the principle of count easily;
+ Numbers are pronounced and shown in a clear way;
+ Fun and engaging for a kid, with funny animation rewards and new board with new toys (50+ types) every time kid plays.

Languages: English (British, USA, Australia, Ireland, South Africa); French (France, Canada); Spanish (Spain, Mexico); Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil); German; Italian; Greek; Arabic; Turkish; Indian; Korean; Thai; Chinese; Cantonese; Japanese; Indonesian; Russian; Ukrainian; Polish; Czech; Slovenian; Romanian; Hungarian; Swedish; Norwegian; Finnish; Danish; Netherlands (Netherlands, Belgium).